Stair Lifts: A Practical Way to Restore Mobility in Your Home

A challenge can arise in any person's life, due either to a temporary injury or permanent incapacity, that requires an examination of how they will live in and access different floors of their home. This realization can be an anxious and stressfull process for those who are unaware of the relatively inexpensive and flexible solutions that can make in-home mobility possible. Regardless of the age of the home or the owner, a stair lift can be designed and installed that balances structural installation challenges with affordability, infirmity and weight-bearing requirements. Regardless of the immediate use requirements, a broad-range solution can equip a home for family, friends and guests.

Almost Any Configuration Is Possible

Stairways, depending on their design, can create unique design and installation challenges. Leading manufacturers represented by Freedom Elevator have spent years designing flexible and affordable components that can adapt to a variety of approaches and angles. Some stairsways terminate on either end near a doorway, requiring one flip-up solution. Other stairways have multiple landings that require transer stations or curved drive rails. Freedom Elevator has successfully installed hundreds of custom-adapted stair lifts that have met the owners' needs and their budgets. Freedom Elevator will work diligently to keep the design as simple, specific and practical as is necessary to ensure years of dependable service. Freedom Elevator also offers our customers inexpensive Periodic Maintenance contracts to keep your stair lift problem-free and in top working condition.

Taking the First Step

Freedom Elevator encourages all of our clients to research various options and equipment on the Internet to obtain a basic undertanding of stair lifts and design features. There are two manufacturers in particular that warrant a close inspection because of affordability and product diversity: Acorn Stairlifts and ThyssenKrupp.  Both produce excellent, quality products and provide the best warranties in the industry. Call Freedom Elevator today to help determine the product that best suits your particular situation and needs. 

The Buy-Back/Used Equipment Program

In some cases, stair lifts are required for only temporary situations, so Freedom Elevator has developed a unique 30% Buy-Back Guarantee during the first 18 months after installation. Each installation of new equipment comes with this 30% Buy-Back Guarantee that can later help defray the expense of the original cost to the owner. Please ask one of our sales representatives for more details about this unique guarantee.  

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